A featured image for use in news stories. This one depicts a stream.

New Water Heaters for the Ēdamzale Kitchen


Last summer it was brought to our attention that the hot water needed to run the dishwasher in the Ēdamzale was not sufficient. During heavy usage our water heater could not keep up with the demand from the dishwasher, which ultimately caused the heater’s booster to kick out, since it could not sustain the desired temperature. (more…)

A featured image for use in news stories. This one depicts a clearing by the lake.

Welcome, Please Make Yourselves Feel at Home


Foremost, hello and welcome to the new website for our West Coast Latvian Education Center! For those of you that do not know me, my name is Roland Upenieks and I have taken over the role of webmaster for WCLEC. The last handful of months have been spent overhauling the old website into something fresh and modern. The majority of the work for the near term has been completed, and I feel that it’s time to offer you all something a little more substantial than the splash page that had taken the place of our website. Without further adieu, welcome!